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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

Wasn't a big fan of Kim, but Kim and Paris together were a good team.
Torres wasn't my favorite engineer but I thought that she made a good couple with Paris.
I didn't care much for Chakotay. It's mostly Beltran's fault I think.
I liked Janeway, but the writing for her character was uneven. Mulgrew really respected her role and the series and her place in the ST universe so I give her credit for that.
Tim Russ was really magnificent. He was basically an uncanny black Spock(Nimoy).
Neelix...had his moments. He was almost like a Trekkie along for the ride. That could either be refreshing or annoying.
Kes. I'm indifferent to her.
7 of 9. Its unfortunate that she played the de facto hot chick, she was a good actress with a good role and had lots to do. She instantly became the most interesting character on the show.
Doc: Picardo was great in the role.

Overall, not too shabby I think, but still the weakest cast.

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