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Re: Gen-lis Vuhlkansu

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Nam-tor danik t'aifa kesayalar maut ka'ler've. Fai-tor nash-veh ra tar-tor - hi ri ra tvai.

Most of these responses are very confusing. I know what they say, but not what they mean.
Mine was Klingon for "What is this?" Pretty straight forward, I should think, and indeed you answered it.
Ha - vesht ken-tor n't'du - fai-tor nash-veh ein Tlingansu. Hi ein t'vathlar --- ri ken-tor n'zehl'es.

I did understand yours - I know a bit of Klingon. But some of the others... I do not understand the relevance.
Stariben heh saven-tor nash-veh gen-lis Vuhlkansu. Ri fai-tor nash-veh ra vesht dungi nam-tor ha'kiv t'nash-veh rik'Yel Halan. - T'Laina
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