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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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I love Franz Joseph's Enterprise blueprints. In my mind they're not the indisputably definitive rendition of the Big "E." In my mind there can be no indisputably definitive rendition...and that's part of the fun!

Part of what I like about the FJprise is that it has no "credible infrastructure." Consider the basic configuration of the ship -- an enormous disc and huge twin engine pods attached to a lower hull by thin struts. The technology just to keep such a structure intact must be magical by our standards. The FJprise's interior is similarly magical.

The FJprise also has...bathrooms, and in more places than in the crew cabins. The visicoms, inspired by the holodeck-like description in The Making of Star Trek as well as by real-world submarines, are cool as well, as are the section isolation doors, expanded medical, science, security and engineering areas, the turbolft repair area, and the duplicated bridges and engine room areas in both hulls. The FJprise is indeed two ships in one.

The FJprise was my first glimpse at what a "real" starship might look like -- Trek or otherwise. The FJprise isn't as "faithful" to the trivial minutiae of the TV show as it could have been, but it fueled my imagination more than any other set of Trek blueprints ever has.
Yes! You could look at the FJ plans as a kid and imagine walking around in the ship. It was like steroids for your imagination. Because it was so detailed, you could have an almost-interactive experience with the deck plans. Sci-fi fans had never had that before.
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