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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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Would we say that Nemesis wasn't really the "franchise killer"? Oh sure, it killed the TNG movies. But the prime universe continued to exist for a further three years on Enterprise, and Rick Berman was working on another (ultimately abandoned) movie script. If anything, its Enterprise that seems to have killed any goodwill for the Prime universe. That was the last one out of the gate.
I see it a little differently. TNG died right after Nemesis, killed by Enterprise and the sudden urge to do a prequel. Ever since then, the "Prime" universe that mattered was gone anyway and we got a show and a film that dealt with time travel and how things were manipulated in the past. In both Enterprise and Abramstrek we get the "this isn't supposed to be this way" idea. So they haven't revisited the Prime universe for 11 years now.
The STNG universe is alive and well, it's still in demand on cable networks, was resold into syndication,, does well on Netflix, is now a best seller after it's restoration. Not only alive but prospers in novels and comics.

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