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Re: Brief Voyager Podcast Coming Soon

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Being new to Startrek myself (like one of the dudes in this podcast so I felt a kinship) I recently subscribed to this hoping in time they WOULD do Voyager at some stage. I haven't listened to any of the eps yet. This is a bit of a cop-out! Gosh! Yet they are prepared to commit to DS9? Good grief! The have a similar number of episodes - and from what I have seen of DS9 (admittedly not a lot as yet and maybe in time I'll warm to it esp once Worf arrives) it is no way as good as Voyager.
Well they have been doing this practically every two weeks for 5 straight years. To have made it thru 79 tos 178 tos and 178 tng plus 11 movies plus trekkies trekkies 2 that's a huge accomplishment. It's been 2 and a half years alone of ds9.

I'd rather they give it the old college try and do some voyager rather than have the podcast get stale and and have them not have their hearts in it.

In all honest, TOS was their favorite and nothing really has surpassed it in their opinions.
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