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Re: The Pope

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when the church reports a pedopriest to the police instead of moving him on and covering it up it'll stop being just words. until then you can be as eloquent as you want, but it wont mean a thing.
The very purpose of the new policies is to ensure that the reporting of cases is immediate and independant and such cases are then placed in the hands of the police and other concerned authorities. The moving on or covering up will become an impossibility in a completely transparent process. I'm not trying to be eloquent, simply trying to convey the changing attitudes present on the ground in Church communities. The patience of good Catholics, lay and clergy alike, has reached its absolute limit in these matters. Believe me, these words are becoming a reality as we speak. If they weren't, I would have packed up and left by now.
I sincerely hope so, and I say that as someone who knows a number of clergy who are too good and kind to be tarred by that terrible brush.
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