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Re: Taylor Swift, Why The Hate?

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^^^This was written in collaboration with T-Bone and The Civil Wars. It's not Taylor's. It sounds like a Civil Wars song.
Not to get too argumentative but most of your examples were written by other people as well if not originally performed by other people. Most country music is.
I don't mean to argue with you either, but that wasn't the point. The point is that she has been lauded for her songwriting, given awards for it. The ONE song that sounds like something worthwhile is written and performed with people she doesn't usually collaborate with, and it has a distinctive style that belongs to another artist she collaborated with. It is different than just about everything else she has done--the lyrics, vocals, etc. And I would argue that it's not a strong vocal performance, either. Unless I am a better singer in the shower than I thought. Still, my examples aren't exactly playing to the rafters, most country music doesn't (with the exception of an artist like Carrie Underwood, who writes most of her songs).

It is not a fair assessment of her style of music. I would argue that people who perform a song and don't write are not given credit for doing the writing on a song. She is given credit, and, therefore, it is fair game to compare it to other compositions of hers.
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