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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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There's been better things about season 3 compared to 2, & some that still aren't that great compared to the 1st. The character development drags & often gets derailed for nonsense, but the events which do tend to reflect some of the comic are still pretty awesome

Overall, the show is still definitely worth watching, but they do inflict a lot of wayward nonsense & ill conceived character arcs on the viewer. A lot of that emerges from the fact that in order to keep the budget under control, they have to settle in on some plots & drag them out longer than how the show started in the very short 1st season, which wears on the fans' patience.
Well the ratings are going through the roof, so apparently the fans don't agree with you.
I don't think I'm that far off from the general fan attitude. They still like the show & so do I. In fact, it's my favorite show on tv at the moment. That doesn't mean it's exempt from some valid criticism though. There's lots of accounts criticizing how some character arcs & plot lines are dragged out. That doesn't mean I dislike the show, just that I think it teeters on the edge of making poor decisions, which is true of almost any show

Sadly, if they were to produce the show that most of us really hope for, it would probably be too expensive to last
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