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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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The Shield set in space is Riddick.
The Shield isn't just about tough guys, it's also a twisty-turny show with a lot of terrific actors and fascinating characterization, plus it's outlandish, outrageous, over the top and sometimes funny...oh wait I just realized, I'm describing Farscape. Well okay I want another Farscape except you could do that with nothing but hew-mon characters in outer space.

Riddick and Vic Mackey are very different types, below that bald dome. Riddick is a sardonic loner while Vic is all about the pack.

I envision him as the alpha male of a wolf pack. Without his pack, he'd be utterly lost. He goes to insane lengths to keep his pack together, whether it's his family, the Strike Team or even trying to salvage the hellhole that is Farmington. Of the two types, Vic would be the more interesting as the lead character for a gritty space opera series.

Let's see, there was a reason I came back, oh yeah...John Cho has a guest role in Sleepy Hollow.
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