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Re: Joss Whedon talks Kickstarter and Firefly sequel

Somehow this is my fault? Joss, I as only kidding, honest!

Using kickstarter to fund big-screen movies is the wrong idea. Theater owners aren't going to be impressed at some niche-market frenzy because that isn't their business. They want a mainstream audience that will fill theaters on opening weekend all across the country and more importantly, buy lots of overpriced popcorn. A few million rabid fans isn't going to fill theaters, no matter how enthused they are. Serenity's mediocre box office was about what you'd expect for a niche fanbase.

Instead, make a 13 episode season and put it on streaming, via your own site, Netflix or Amazon or Hulu or all of the above. That's the best venue for fan-backed content like this. Leave the theater owners to their tentpoles and jujubees.
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