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Re: Were those Talaxians Neelix rescued even in the Delta Quadrant?

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I thought it very strange that a Talaxian colony suddenly appeared in their path, but then again they have found human colonies out there ("The 37's"), so why not? Humans can't be the only ones who like to fly around the galaxy and fall through wormholes and stuff.

I remember seeing a page somewhere where someone was complaining that some Voyager aliens re-appeared 200 years earlier and on the other side of the galaxy in Enterprise. My thoughts were the same then.
The producers wanted a happy ending for Neelix and for him to be off the ship, so they didn't care where they pulled Talaxians out of to get there near the border. However, unlike some other geographic discrepancies here, there is an in-canon possible explanation: the Vaadwaur underspace corridors. If I remember the maps correctly, they go from Talaxia (we know that because the Vaadwaur were in their fairy tales) down to just a little bit past the Vaadwaur homeworld in early Season 6. It's possible those refuges fell into it and traveled through Underspace til they ended up on the far side of it.
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