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when the church reports a pedopriest to the police instead of moving him on and covering it up it'll stop being just words. until then you can be as eloquent as you want, but it wont mean a thing.
I take it that many think that the current generation of Priest will act no different then the molestors who saw society change to the point victims went public? even though now we have our eyes on them. And we will only be satisfied when some are found and served to the public with their head on a pike. Wait, no capital puniment. Tarred and feathered.
We're talking about child rape here.

I won't be satisfied until those who committed the crimes are in prison and until the church itself does what I assume YOU would do if you realized a work colleague was molesting children. That the church wants to handle all of this internally without calling the police, without ever reporting crimes that victims tell them have occurred is horrifying.

This is not something that happened a couple decades ago, it is still going on. Yes we now "have our eyes on them" but the problem is the abusers are protected by a huge and powerful organization.

I'm sick to death of catholics getting defensive about this matter. Yes I'm sure many would like the taint that their church now has to go away, for everyone to nod along to the nice hand wringing words the well meaning write about change. And yet still stories of deception, destroyed evidence, obfuscation, priests being moved, and crimes still not being reported to the police continue.

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