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Re: Questions on Insurrection, on the Baku

OH Just thought of this

On this "Its for the greater good.

Their was SOMEONE who wanted to dismantle Data, in order to understand how to make more androids.

This kind of technological revolution would vastly improve billions of lives.

And Data's Sentience, especialy in early TNG, is ... Questionable

He cant even use verbal contractions.

How DIFFICULT IS IT WHEN PROGRAMMING A FRICKIN AI, to make them use bits of extra grammar?


but point is, ive yet to hear a single voice, suggesting Maddox was anyhting but 100% in the wrong, and Data 125% in the right for opposing this.

Even thought it would have allowed The creation of away teams, that wouldnt have put any Humanoid lives at risk.

And yes shelby said to the "Does data have a soul" question "I dont know, I dont know that I have one"

But add the fact these "Made for a purpose" androids would have no family, and likely no friends, and you have a compelling reason to use them instead of People with those who would miss them on combative away missions.

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