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Re: Thoughts on "Valiant"?

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Heard on Memory alpha that an earlier draft, had Kira along for the ride, instead of nog, but Their was no way the authors could see Kira NOT laughing off, the "Field commisions" and taking command,
As she isn't a Starfleet officer, NCO, or anything the idea that she can just take command of a Starfleet vessel like she has any authority what so ever is kind of idiotic, I mean seriously the freaking cadets commanding the ship actually make more sense than that.

WesleysDisciple wrote: View Post
A lot think that "Captain Watter's" Was just not eager to return to being a Cadet.
Considering they were in the middle of a war what makes you think he wouldn't have been promoted top Ensign and sent to a ship that needed crew.

tighr wrote: View Post
And yet, this episode gives us the precedent that allowed Trek'09 to happen. After saving the day, Kirk should have been granted a commission as a Lt jg, and told to report to the Lexington. Effectively only skipping the Ensign rank, and only because he saved Earth.
Kirk was already a Lieutenant and first officer of the ship, so what your saying is that they should demote him after saving them from destruction and death. And its not even the reward type demotion where it was just to get him back on the Enterprise which he really wanted.

Sadara wrote: View Post
Eh, we've seen lower ranking Starfleet Officers tell higher ranking ones to go jump in the creek before so I don't see why O'Brien would just go along with whatever Watters said either just because he's enlisted.
Depends on how the chain of command works

In The Doomsday Machine, Kirk flat kicked Commodore Decker off his bridge,
On his ship with a crew that backed him

Riker outed Admiral Pressman on the whole Federation cloaking device thingy,
On his ship with a crew that backed him

Picard took on the Admiral in Data's Day who wanted to haul Lal off the ship.
On his ship with a crew that backed him

Really you just need someone who is willing to stand up for what's right and sane. Sure they risk their career, but anyone with a conscience can do it.
True but unless its your ship and your crew which is backing you, they might not listen and will probably throw you in the brig.

TheRoyalFamily wrote: View Post
WesleysDisciple wrote: View Post

(their probaly WERE some people as low rank as lieutenant commanding defiant class ships given how small those are.
They are small, but they are new, and they are pure warships, with the capabilities of a much larger ship. You wouldn't want anyone under Captain in one of those.
Dax and Worf were Lt. Commanders and they were both commanding the Defiant for long periods of time, Hell when Dax was doing it Sisko had been reassigned to working with Ross and wasn't even commanding the ship anymore at that point.
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