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I wished Star Trek could be more like nuBSG because I gotta admit, nuBSG is the best sci-fi-series ever IMHO.
No thanks. I like my TV series to actually have characters I like and can identify with. Moore went way overboard with the number of douchebags on Battlestar Galactica, to the point that I finally tuned out and never came back.
I wouldn't go that far but the humans were meant to be unpleasant - that was sort of the point. Our sympathies were supposed to lie with the selfish, self-destructive, angry humans and view the civilised but domineering and murderous cylons as the enemy. The cylons could be western society and the humans the oppressed minority whose culture is wiped out by the technologically superior race. I suppose the point was that might doesn't make right.

I loved it when the humans started suicide bombing their own. It really underscored how low you can go when you are oppressed.

Having said that, I do agree that I would have liked to see some normal people who weren't total a**holes.
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