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Re: What would a TOS spin off look like

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Christopher, in the past I've described Gary Seven and his people on the Alien's planet(s) as being just short of "slaves." Would you agree that that is accurate?

Seven himself did say that the human ancestors were taken from Earth, a pretty specific term. Is Gary Seven, strictly speaking, a free man?
I don't agree with that assessment at all. Slavery is not a hereditary condition. If it were, then just about every African-American would still be considered a slave, and of course they aren't. Heck, slavery was a common practice the world over up until the 19th century, so probably virtually everyone has some slaves in their ancestry (though virtually everyone has kings in their ancestry as well). So it does not make any sense to say that someone whose remote ancestors were slaves is himself a slave.

Besides, we don't know that his ancestors were taken by force. I mean, given Gary's appearance, we're probably talking about people from central or northern European stock, and 6000 years ago that would've meant they may have been hunter-gatherers, or at best subsistence farmers. They might've been offered the chance to go someplace where their standard of living would be vastly improved, and gone willingly. Sure, Gary said they were "taken," but that's an ambiguous word -- you can take someone to the movies or take someone shopping without being arrested for kidnapping.
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