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Re: Kick-Ass 2 -Movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics. ect.

I'm not impressed with what I've seen, from the trailer. Don't care for Jim Carrey's voice, and there seems to be something missing. The original movie had a manic energy to it, but perhaps it's just-for me-the surprise will be gone. And the movie is going to lack without Nicholas Cage's Adam West, which I thought was awesome. Hit-Girl seemed far more interesting than Hit-Teen or Hit-Woman. And while I get that Kick-Ass would likely get bigger and better as a hero in a sequel, he really bulked up. It sort of takes away the ordinary guy donning a suit to fight crime thing (though granted that was tweaked already in the first movie, compared to the comics). I'll still go see it, but my expectations are lowered.
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