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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

The thing is, I believe they already thought they were going too far at times. Occasionally there are some ship maneuvers that are just fancy for the sake of it, like the rendezvous with the Medusan ship near the end of "Is There in Truth..." (which had no analog in the original and didn't need one; right after Kirk says "Miranda...?" and looks down the empty, fisheye-lensed corridor, the original has a stock shot that went beautifully with the music cue: rear of Enterprise in foreground, the Medusans' planet in distance).

Nonetheless I'm satisfied in general. They knew, for example, what to essentially leave alone although the image was entirely new - such as the first shot of act I of "Metamorphosis," the Companion's planetoid hanging in center screen (with the title and other credits superimposed).
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