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Our diocese has implemented policies in each parish, which in turn have been the subject of an independent review and all the clergy and church members who have any access to minors or vulnerable adults have all been vetted by the police. While the horrific acts of some and criminal negligence of others will continue to cause suffering and sadness for some time to come, those of us who truly believe in the Church's mission will endeavour to eradicate this evil, provide help for those who have suffered and create a future where this can never happen again.
Policies are ink on a page and words in the wind unless the culture that created the problem is changed. And as I said earlier in the thread, I believe that the root cause of these crimes is something the Catholic Church can never change unless it rewrites itself from the ground up.

It is the church's insistence on casting human sexuality in a negative light and forcing people to be celibate that causes this. The only people who can really be celibate in this life are asexuals, because otherwise those perfectly normal urges WILL come out.

I believe that the vast majority of priests who have abused children would never have done so, and the vast majority of bishops who have been caught tapping their toes in public bathrooms would never have got themselves into that situation, if only they had lived in the real world in the first place.

If they're not "natural born" paedophiles, why would they abuse children? Because their sexual urges cannot be suppressed any longer, so they need to let them out, and children are the least likely to even understand what's happening and thereby resist, and also the least likely to tell on them. Let the priests be normal human beings in the first place, and 80% of this problem will disappear.

But given that that is such a central tenet of Catholic teachings (as unrealistic as it is), I don't think any amount of "policies" will ever stop this from happening.

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