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Re: What would a TOS spin off look like

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Further, just based on the episode, I always thought Gary 7 had traveled in time. As a kid I assumed Gary was from the 20th Century, recruited and educated by an advanced society in the future, then sent back in time to his 20th Century to carry out his assignment. As stated, the lines of dialogue always made me believe this.
Here are the lines of dialogue:
SEVEN: My name is Gary Seven. I am a human being from the twentieth century. I was on my way--
KIRK: Humans of the twentieth century do not go beaming around the galaxy, Mister Seven.
SEVEN: I've been living on another planet far more advanced. I was beaming to Earth when you intercepted me.
KIRK: The location of that planet?
SEVEN: They wish their existence kept secret. Even in your time, it will remain unknown.
SCOTT: It's impossible to hide a whole planet.
SEVEN: Impossible for you, not for them. Captain Kirk, I am of this time period. You are not. You interfere with me with what I have to do there, and you'll change history. You'll destroy the Earth and probably yourselves, too.
And later:
Agents are male and female, descendants of human ancestors taken from Earth approximately six thousand years ago. They're the product of generations of training for this mission.
Look, a truly advanced planet wouldn't use force. They wouldn't come here in strange alien forms. The best of all possible methods would be to take human beings to their world, train them for generations until they're needed here.
So yes, clearly his organization has knowledge of the future, but he himself is explicitly a native of the 20th century, although he never actually lived on Earth prior to the events of the episode. He and hundreds of generations of his ancestors were raised on another planet, beginning c. 4000 BCE, and selectively bred into physically and intellectually superior beings. Which is more evidence that the Aegis has future knowledge, since they knew they'd need to abduct humans and breed a race of super-agents by the 20th century. But the episode stressed that Gary himself was born and raised in the 20th century, just not on Earth.
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