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Re: What would a TOS spin off look like

Quite simply, I would rather have seen Star Trek remade with new actors in the roles of our friends from TOS, charting adventures from beyond the original 5 year mission, but before the advent of the movies, the benefits of new CGI and technology to this premise would be breathtaking.
I loved Enterprise because it looked so good on screen in a way that TNG, Deep Space or Voyager never looked IMO, because of technological advances, however it made TOS look way too old and dated, so the oppurtunity was missed to reboot Kirk and Co, and missed in the sense that we could have seen the crew revisit and enhance some rivalries with the Andorrians or Tholians for example.
Would it not have been better that Kirks crew fought for superiority with these species rather than Jonathon Archers crew, and thus timelines and canon would not have been fucked with.
I know someone will come back with JJ Abrams version of Trek doing a similar thing to what I`m trying to outline, but I never rated his version of Star Trek nor his choice of cast, except for the new Spock, and I feel he has went against the grain with some of the story in the first film.
I hope you can make sense of what I`m trying to say.
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