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Re: Physicists say they have found a Higgs boson

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I am no biologist, but I have a feeling your body won't survive for a long time with almost no mass. One neutron additional in water will kill you, totally reducing your mass sounds pretty gory.
Yeah, my thoughts as well. From
Despite the fact the light water and heavy water are chemically identical, heavy water is mildly toxic. How can this be? Since heavy water is heavier than normal water, the speed of chemical reactions involving it is altered somewhat, as is the strength of some types of bonds it forms. This affects certain cellular processes, notably mitosis, or cell division, due to the difference in binding energy in the hydrogen bonds needed to make certain proteins. Mouse studies have shown that drinking only heavy water along with normal feed eventually causes degeneration of tissues that need to replenish themselves frequently, and leads to cumulative damage from injuries that don't heal as quickly. One study likens the effects to those suffered by chemotherapy patients. Heavy water toxicity manifests itself when about 50% of the water in the body has been replaced by D2O. Prolonged heavy water consumption can cause death.
Any force exerted on a zero rest mass particle would cause it to instantly accelerate to the speed of light. You'd probably disintegrate before you even felt sick.
Not if you have no particle with mass in your body (you will jump to lightspeed in one piece). Or if your mass is small, but non-zero (admittedly, this would decrease significantly the potential of the technology).

As for the mass of chemical elements - what matters is the relative mass of the interacting particles.
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