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Re: New to trek literature please help - where to begin

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^Even so, you keep forgetting to acknowledge Vonda McIntyre as the actual creator of the character! There seems to be this common misconception (one that Orci may be just as guilty of) that Carey was the creator of the character because she was the one who wrote two novels centered around him, but the FACT is that McIntyre introduced the character in E:TFA. She also named Winona Kirk in that same book and gave Hikaru Sulu his first name in The Entropy Effect, so she deserves a lot of credit that she is inexplicably denied.
While yes, Vonda McIntyre did introduce the character and deserves credit for it, how much did she establish about George Kirk? It's been quite a while since I read E:TFA, but I only recall him being mentioned in passing as a deceased Starfleet officer. Were the versions of the character in E:TFA and FF supposed to be the same, or did Carey take the name and create her own version, like Shatner and the Reeves-Stevens did with George Joseph Kirk in Collision Course?
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