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Re: Spock's the best 1st Officer in Starfleet?

And then there was this exchange later
Spock: Captain, I'm not at all certain we did the correct thing on Gamma Trianguli VI.
McCoy: We put those people back on a normal course of social evolution. I see nothing wrong with that.
Kirk: Well, that's a good object lesson Mr. Spock. an example of what can happen when a machine becomes too efficient, does too much work for you..
Spock: Captain, you are aware of the biblical story of Genesis...
Kirk: Yes. of course I'm aware of it. Adam and Eve tasted the Apple, and as a result, were driven out of paradise.
Spock: Precisely Captain. And in a manner of speaking, we have given the People of Vaal, the Apple, the knowledge of Good and Evil if you will, as a result of which, they too have been driven Out of Paradise.
Kirk: Doctor, do I understand him correctly? (to Spock) Are you casting Me in the role of Satan?
Spock: Not at all, Captain..."
Kirk: Is there anyone on this SHIP! whoo even REMOTELY! (circling Spock looking pointedly (pun painfully intended) at his ears and eyebrows) looks like Satan?
Spock: (uncomfortably crosses his arms and resigns) I am not aware of anyone who fits that description Captain.
Kirk: (smugly) No, Mr. Spock. I didn't think you were.
"Captain, there are some things that transcend even the discipline of the Service."
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