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The key features mentioned in the article are:
  • The first player to discover all other civs founds The World Congress, which is a UN-type body that adopts resolutions such as sanctions or banning the trade of certain resources. Votes aren't instantaneous, after a resolution is proposed you spend several turns trying to convince other civs to your side or buy their votes. This new body will provide a new diplomatic victory.
  • Trade routes are added. You create them using caravans or cargo ships and can use them to trade with other civs or between cities in your own empire. It will be possible to trade food and production between cities so you can quickly buff up a newly founded city, or to assist in the construction of wonders. Religion can spread via trade routes, and trade routes will somehow allow you to acquire technologies from more advanced civs.
  • There's a new culture victory that requires you to spread your culture somehow with great works. There'll be some sort of archaeologist (unit?) that investigates old battle sites and ruined cities.
  • 9 new civilizations, one of which is Poland.
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