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Re: Lindelof On The Mysterious Harrison

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It is something that April had done in why Harrison is doing in what he doing. Most likely Harrison was part of the group that the Klingons were supporting. He might had been the son of that group leader. April most likely had hurt or cost the death of that leader.
The aliens April and the Klingons are supporting are insect-like, not human. So, that's unlikely, unless the movie will suggest that April and the Klingons pitted a bunch of difference races against one another.

Anyway, there is a line spoken by someone (an Admiral) in the recent preview that suggests Harrison is a "Starfleet Commander", whatever that is supposed to mean.
I've never read those comics. Maybe Harrison was the son of someone that was supporting the same group that the Klingons were supporting? Captain April caught him red handed. Which most likely lead him in supporting the other group.

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