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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Not having read the comics, it seems pointless to compare them in some ways. Basically, both took the same premise and some similar characters...and then explored different scenarios with it. More "what if it went down this way" than better or worse per se.

It's like BSG and nuBSG. The entire premise was taken into a different, but similar, direction. One is not necessarily better or worse than the other. Each is good or bad, and one may be preferred or more enjoyable than the other--and in that way may be considered to be "better."
Maybe you should, it's neat to see how close they are and aren't.
Yeh, I can see that. But I'm too cheap to blow more money on comics when I have a wall of boxes of them in my basement.

I like Beth. She's not shown much and doesn't do much, but it's like she's this bubble of innocence in a way. Despite whatever issues she has had, there's a bit of purity about her. I think the others want to protect that, more than just because she's one of them, but because that light is rare in their world.
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