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Kickstartering dormant properties: name your price!

(Figured this was an interesting enough topic for its own thread; we can leave the VM stuff to theirs...)

As cool of a developing story as the VM movie is, I personally don't think I'm enough of a fan of anything to pay $35 for a digital download to a movie that doesn't yet exist, except perhaps a Carnivale movie or (maybe) a Vorenus and Pullo Rome spin-off flick. Of course, both of those, however stripped-down, would entail far more production costs than a contemporary, low-key story like VM, but now that Kick-reviving dormant properties is a thing, studios may be more open to chipping in production costs as part of the deal, whereas the VM project was undertaken with the understanding that if only the bare minimum of $2m was met, that - minus the costs of the rewards - would be the only production budget they'd get.

Which got me to thinking: how much would I and all of you contribute to various stuff, and for what rewards?

- I'd pay $20 or so for a paperback Carnivale novel written by Dan Knauf... maybe $30 for a hardback. No more than $15 for an ebook, probably.

- I'd pony up $10 for a digital download of the filmed-but-cut ending to the The Golden Compass movie, the effects for which were apparently mostly if not completely done, provided said effects were finished to at least dvd quality. Maybe $20 for a download of that same footage re-edited into the movie, so long as the last-minute Bolvangar/Svalbard switch, done after said ending was cut, was also reverted.

- LEGO could probably get me to pre-pay $75 for a TNG bridge set with crew. I'd want to see CG mockups first, of course.

- $50 each for dvd sets of Early Edition seasons three and four. $25 each for downloads of same.

- $5 for a digital download of The Mummy, without the FX painting over of Weisz's soaked nightgown. Sure, she's bared all several times elsewhere, but not in one of my all-time favorite movies.

... Let the offerings begin!
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