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Re: What would a TOS spin off look like

^The tie-ins, beginning with a Howard Weinstein comics story for DC that was built upon in later novels by Greg Cox and myself, have established Gary Seven's employers as a group called the Aegis. Howie's comics story evidently drew on elements of the original '66 pilot version of A:E and explained the Aegis as a group that worked to preserve the integrity of the timeline, working against other factions trying to alter history -- thereby anticipating Enterprise's Temporal Cold War by a full decade. (Which enabled me to include the Aegis as one of the TCW factions in my own DTI: Watching the Clock.)

And Howie's interpretation makes sense. How else would the Aegis have known that the late 1960s were a crucial period for Earth's survival unless they had the ability to project possible futures? Plus it was necessary to return to the time-travel well in order to cross over Gary with the Enterprise crew again in Howie's comics and Greg's Assignment: Eternity.

But I remain convinced that time travel would've been only an occasional element of the A:E spinoff if it had been made, and it would've been interesting to see more stories about Gary and Roberta dealing with contemporary threats in the '60s and maybe the '70s -- as we've seen them do in other tie-ins like Greg's The Eugenics Wars duology and John Byrne's A:E comics miniseries.
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