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Re: New to trek literature please help - where to begin

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The version of George Kirk seen in the last movie was based on the one in Diane Carey's novels Final Frontier (a casualty of Star Trek: Enterprise continuity-wise, but a fantastic read nonetheless) and Best Destiny.
A couple of problems with that statement. One, only the name George for Kirk's father was really following the books' lead; Carey's George Kirk was a redheaded security chief with a rather different personality from the character in the movie. And in Carey's version, Jim Kirk had a strained relationship with his father, while the movie established that Prime-universe Kirk had gotten along quite well with his.

And two, it was actually Vonda N. McIntyre in Enterprise: The First Adventure who originally coined the names George and Winona for Kirk's parents, a precedent Carey subsequently followed; so McIntyre, not Carey, is the one you should credit.

And yes, I know the screenwriters have said in interviews that they read and liked Carey's novels. But the fact is that the George Kirk in the movie has nothing specific in common with Carey's version of the character besides the name and the fact that he was in Starfleet. Just because they read the books doesn't mean they copied them.
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