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Re: New to trek literature please help - where to begin

Moriluk, I started what you are starting now about a year ago, its quite the daunting task. Like you, I was interested only in "cannon" which as Chris describes doesn't exist in the literary verse, but continuity does, starting essentially with the Deep Space Nine relaunch. That's where I started, I read all of those first. Chronologically going from there I read the first 4 books of the Voyager relaunch, and now I'm into the "Time To" series, which is a nine book series about the TNG crew before the events of Nemesis. That leads into a post-Nemesis TNG relaunch, a Titan series, and crossover series like Destiny and Typhon Pact. I've gone through about 24 books in 15 months and I probably have twice that to go to catch up, but its been a TON of fun, and I would highly recommend it if you want a big long term reading project. I would check out the chart and some of the links already referred to for the specifics on the books.
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