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That would work better if he were in starbrat form, in this case it just makes the case against renegade interupts if children are within 100 yards.
You mean the case *for*. Even in the beginning of the game, I hated the little snot. FEEL SORRY FOR ME BECAUSE I AM A CHILD. YOU CAN TELL THIS IS TRAGIC BECAUSE SAD MUSIC IS PLAYING.
Freaking A. This kid was terrible right from the start because he defeats the very purpose as to what this game should have been about. The culmination of events that the entire series has been leading towards. Having Shepard's emotions focus primarily on this kid does the series a disservice because he's only unique to this installment. It's like if Return of the King introduced another character for Frodo to interact who dies thanks to Sauron and that becomes Frodo's motivation for wanting to finish his quest. You shouldn't do that when there are already plenty of reasons for Shepard to fight!
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