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Re: Lindelof On The Mysterious Harrison

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I'm still at a loss to understand why so many folks seem to think that Harrison has "super strength".

I've certainly seen nothing that would indicate this. I mean, just cause we've seen pix of him holding his own against Spock in a rooftop fight scene is hardly indicative that his character possesses anything more "super-human" than a slightly better education in the martial arts than Spock has. Period.
Here's a quote from Cumberbatch about the character taken from Movieweb back before Christmas:

“When J.J. (Abrams) described the role to me... he described someone who was, in movie terms, a mixture of Hannibal Lecter, Jack in The Shining, and the Joker in Batman. He's someone who has enormous physical strength. He's someone who is incredibly dangerous, both as a physical entity and through the use of various technologies and weapons and who performs acts of what I would describe as terrorism. He's also a psychological master. He manipulates the minds of those around him to do his bidding in a very, very subtle way."
Whether or not that equates to "super" powers is problematic. But he does possess greater strength than most people.

Link to story:
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