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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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EDIT: Oh, and check this out: evidently Amendola signed with the Patriots before Welker did with the Broncos. So apparently this wasn't just some reaction signing by New England; considering the deal they offered him and the one they offered Welker, it looks like they wanted Amendola more, for some reason.
As I said, this entire situation basically confirms the rumors that Welker and Belichick weren't getting along anymore.
It certainly looks that way.

Oh well. I'm not expecting Amendola to do what Welker did, but to be honest, I never expected Welker to do what he did when he came over from Miami.

In other Patriots-related news, they're currently hosting both John Abraham and Adrian Wilson. I think Wilson would especially be a good pick-up for them, he and McCourty would make a pretty good safety tandem.
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