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Re: Fans raised 2 mil for Veronica Mars Movie- takes me back to 2005!

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That Star Trek: Renegades, starring Tim Russ, Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, Garratt Wang, JG Hertzler, Gary Graham and others didn't quite manage to reach their ultimate Kickstarter goal of $250,000 (they managed their bare-minimum of $200k) says it all about current interest in resurrecting Berman-era Trek.
Not even close. It's one thing for some random Trek performers to what to continue something, then the creator/Head writer, and stars of a series wanting to continue their story.

Of course CBS would absolutely never permit it, its the same basic reason as what occurred during ENterprise. The idea of dimension returns was felt to be (and since they get financials I would assume they known) the overall Trek franchise.

VM is like most tv shows an Island of tis own, it has soem tiny continued DVD sales, netflix, and streaming revenue that is brought it. There is no bigger picture that a low budget (basically low budget made for TV style film) can do.

Any legitimate Trek production can be viewed to diminish revenue streams that still continue (though nowhere near what they used to be), and certainly with a film series going they are going to never cross that.

Seriously look how much TNG's broadcast immediately damaged TOS film series. A series that had at worst finished 9th for its release year, never came close ever again, once it was in direct competition to free new episodes on broadcast (I am also sure this hurt TNG's film series, with both DS9 and Voyager airing).
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