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Re: Space Seed Lost Scenes

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So when the article says "But the real finds involved lost scenes that were filmed but never released," I'm thinking that this "filmed but not released" scene was from The Wrath of Khan, not from "Space Seed." I think someone simply misunderstood--either Mr. Ingram or T'Bonz. (Maybe the unused scene was unused in both productions--but I think it's probably referring to just TWOK.)
It's not my error. And I've not seen the proof, so I can't tell how accurate the reporter was. However, one of three things seems to have happened:

- The WOK glasses scene is based on an old unused scene from Space Seed (perhaps the stuff was consulted when WOK was being produced)

- The reporter got it wrong and it's from WOK.

- The Tenutos mistook a scene from WOK for one from Space Seed.

Wish I knew the answer!
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