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Re: The Netflix Thread

Studios are not making streaming rights available to everything they release on disc, no matter how old it may be. The push for exclusive deals-mirroring the war that was originated by HBO and Showtime years ago, as both started locking the entire outputs of studios under multi year contracts ( instead of on a movie by movie basis) will also fuel the disc sector for those who won't be subscribing to every pay TV service to get the titles they desire. HBO has Fox, Universal, and corporate sibling Warners Bros, under exclusive contract for at least a decade. Starz just re-upped with Sony, Netflix will have Disney theatricals when the Mouse's current contract will Starz ends next year, Epix is owned by Paramount/MGM/Lionsgate, and gets the movies from those-but due to low distribution on cable, sells streaming rights to Netflix, Amazon, and now Redbox to add to their bottom line. That leaves Showtime with a smattering of independents-btw, while SHO is part of CBS' division, Paramount is under Viacom (keeping track of the split up holdings of the formerly single Viacom/CBS gives me a headache), and the Paramount brass missed being in the pay cable arena and launched Epic, screwing SHO out of access to current Par movies....
For that reason, DVD/blu-ray will continue to be relevant for years to come.
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