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Re: Fans raised 2 mil for Veronica Mars Movie- takes me back to 2005!

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Wow...takes me back to the heady days of Trek United! Going for 32 million to cover the cost for a 5th season, don't care if we ultimately failed, it was a helluva ride- so long ago, forgot how much money was raised. I was not a fan of "Veronica Mars" but I'm glad they come through, succeeded where TU failed. I'm happy for them. I guess Trek United was ahead of its time.
Yes, those were some wild times here. I remember the day of the cancellation announcement and the chaos and blood letting that went on. It made the shipper battls look like mild "disagreements'. The trolls were out in force "enjoying" the news of Ent's demise.

If I'm not mistaken, the fans-pay-for-a-season-of-Enterprise movement, started right here in the "Cancellation" thead, did it not? Anyone remember a few days after the world wide announcement of the movement, when there were some 3,000 or more visitors browsing this forum?

I wish the Veronica Mars' fans luck, but everyone should know that once again Trek fans were the innovators.
The idea came from another Trek forum site-forgot which one-inspired by "Farscape" fans who first came up with the idea of contributing to a series production. Suggested on this site, somebody contacted Tim and spread like wildfire. Looking back, I think a made-for-DVD finale to wipe out the turd "These Are the Voyages," would've been more realistic but hindsight is blah, blah, blah...
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