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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I get why they are spewing propaganda, I just don't like listening to it. It just makes me angry. A lot of the propaganda we've seen from Earth so far has basically needed everyone to have a labotomy in order to be the least bit effective. Atleast if it was subtle I might not get so annoyed. but, its prety much "Is there a flood in your area? The aliens did it!", "Are you suffering from heartburn? Its those rebels on mars who caused it", "Did your mother pass away at the too young age of 105? Blame the minbari". Thats only a slight exaggeration of what has actually been said. Its just way too over the top.
Oh for fucks sake, where were you during the Iraq war years? The government waged a successful propaganda campaign and convinced a good portion of the American public that Saddam Hussein was either behind 9/11 or had a hand in it. Guess what? He wasn't and he didn't. Nor did he have the weapons of mass destruction that our government claimed he did and that a majority of people in this country believed he did. And we attacked a nation, killed, wounded and displaced tens of thousands, if not millions of people because of that successful propaganda campaign.

When people questioned these things, they had their loyalty and patriotism questioned. I know because I was against the war and had my loyalty and patriotism questioned at best and was called traitor at worst. Do you remember what happened when the Dixie Chicks had the audacity to say they were embarrassed that the president was from the same state? They were vilified, had their music pulled from the radio, had CD's destroyed at nationalistic "Pro America" rallies. So enough with the "we're so enlightened now that *we'd* never fall for such obvious propaganda" because this country fell for exactly that just a few years ago.

Or how about how a good chunk of this country thinks that our current president is a socialist, a Kenyan, hates America, anti-business, and on and on and on. Or that anyone that needs a hand from the government is a lazy moocher. That's a successful ON GOING propaganda campaign right there and, as with the other examples I've cited, it's not handled with any more creativity, subtlety or nuance than the propaganda you see on Babylon 5 and IT'S WORKING.

Despite what Star Trek told you, people will still have jobs, families and other activities that will consume the bulk of their time. People will still be lazy or lethargic to politics and bigger issues. There will also be people who think that they live somewhere too enlightened for it too work, and because of that attitude and a complete failure to actually look out and guard for it, it will work.
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