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Re: How could Archers Racism have been better handled

Hows this sound for a statue of Archer

Him, and on the other side Phlox, standing tall and proud, Statues of them built, by the Menk, a millenia latter, after the race the menk evolve into (NOT The pakleds, sorry) Saves the milky way from somet threat from another galaxy... THey build statues of Archer and Phlox, speaking of their wisdom, their restraint, their ability not to be blinded by instant compassion, and to see things from a larger perspective

Beyond that... SFdebris just wrote a review on Shadow's of P'jem... and I'm like... I know its his show but.... URGGH, I like a lot of his things on DS9 but he never once even ACKNOWLEDGES, that THe vulcans used a RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE, as cover for their listening post.

Saying this isnt just spying, but an attempt to prey on peoples sympathys, is quite legitimate.
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