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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I haven't fast forwarded in B5 episodes (well, ok, I fast forwarded through the really lame singing sections a few episodes ago during Franklin's walkabout but I think thats totally justified). That said, I'm not going to say I won't do it in the upcoming propaganda episode. I wanted to break the DVD because of the episode with the news where the reporters weren't spewing idiotic propaganda. I've gotten really annoyed at some of the earlier Earthgov stuff involving propaganda, so a whole episode about it is basically the worst thing B5 could do at this point. Its basically taking an episode I hated, and mixing it in with what I'm sure is going to be a big propaganda thing against B5 and supporting Earth's unchallenged dictator. I'll try to watch anything that will be important to the plot, but I will not watch stuff I don't enjoy, and that I can confim I won't enjoy. If I've wanted to just turn the DVD off everytime the earth propaganda has had a role in an episode, I can say with certainty that I'll hate a good chunk of this episode, because I hate the premise. Anything with or about the propaganda will probably be skipped.

People really seem to hate the concept of not watching every single millisecond of an episode. Why do I get the feeling that if I was watching Voyager I'd have everyone telling me that I need to watch Thershold, or if I was watching TNG that I could not afford to skip Sub Rosa? Thats not quite a fair comparison since Star Trek episodes usually aren't as interconnected as B5 (I've also seen both of those episodes, although Sub Rosa was years ago and so horrifying that I've mostly blocked it from my memory) but I bet it would happen. This isn't a Farscape situation. B5 in general is great. I'll try watching The Illusion of Truth, I just think there will be a lot of skipping. One episode out of over 60 is pretty good, and even better than in various Star Trek series/shows, where every season has episodes I'd skip (I only have two seasons on DVD, VOY Season 3 and DS9 season 4, but both have a few episodes I've never watched or barely watched, like Accession in DS9 or Remember with VOY, and there are several ST episodes I've seen before that I don't have that I wish I had skipped, or that I wouldn't watch because of their reputation).
I don't know how you can consider skipping parts of something as serialized as B5. I'd be to afraid of missing something important. As a general rule I try not to skip parts of a serialized story, since I want to experiance the whole story as it was intended to be experienced. There are episodes of Lost and Battlestar Galactica that I don't like, but I still watch them when I go back through the shows. Even if I don't like them, they are still a part of the story, and give pieces of the puzzle that the people behind the show were putting together.
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