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Re: Who should voice the Enterprise computer?

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I wonder - given how many lines of computer dialogue she must have done over the years, how hard would it be to imprint Majel's vocal patterns onto a Siri-style computer voice? That way the Enterprise's 'voice' could still be Majel (sort of).
It wouldn't be hard at all, if her original voiceovers are still in good condition with no background noise. I mean, after all, how many different things does the computer have to say? It's not going to hold an arbitrary conversation (unless it becomes completely sentient). I bet you she recorded the same phrases multiple times too over the years, for no real reason. And she did it for games too, right? It's all there somewhere to be sifted through if the desire were there to do it.

Of course, if they wanted to be canonical, it would have to be Majel's 60s computer voice, the falsetto monotone, which is far less distinctive and therefore easier to copy, but is hard to take seriously these days.
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