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New to trek literature please help - where to begin

I have seen everything at least once, and all tv shows at least twice (finishing up my second run through of DS9 right now about 1/3 of the way through season 7).

I wish to start reading novels. I am only interested in cannon material for now (though I do enjoy the cartoon series from the 70's). Alternate timelines are fine though (which by definition could be considered cannon since it is an alternate timeline - as long as there is some explantion for why it is alternate). Or are they all considered non-cannon? What is the official stance from the franchise on the novels, are some endorsed and some merely allowed?

Where do I begin? Is there a specific order I should read these books (like with teh Asimov foundation universe, best is recommended to read in the order of publication rather than chronological order as prequals were meant to be prequals)?

Is there a list of books that count as cannon vs a list of books that are non-cannon? If they (or some) are truly stand alones, are there some that are noticeably superior to others (or 'essential')? Are some authors better than others?

Please help. Where do I begin?? Are there any that could be considered 'classsics'?

I am interested in all time periods. Particularly the Borg interest me, and anything to do with artificial intelligence (like the doctor on Voyager).
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