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Re: Space Seed Lost Scenes

Harvey wrote: View Post
No doubt why the scene was cut.
Well, my hunch is that Mr. Bruce Ingram from the Lake County New-Sun just got some facts mixed up. I see that in The Wrath of Khan script, there was the following conversation betwen Kirk and McCoy:

They drink. The package is opened: a pair of gold
"Ben Franklin" half-glasses. (N.B.: Romulan Ale is
an INSTANT DRUNK: both men react.)

Cheers. Bones, these are... charming.


Four hundred years old. You don't
find many with the loens still

Uh -- what are they?

For your eyes. For most patients
of your age, I generally administer
Retlax Five to restore flexibility
of the lens.

But I'm allergic to Retlax.

Exactly. Happy birthday.

He toasts. Kirk is unsure how they work.

Slide them down your nose. Now look
at me over the top. And you read
printed matter through the bottom.

Amazing! I don't know what to say.

Say thank you.

Thank you.

An awkward silence.

(etc. etc etc.)

So when the article says "But the real finds involved lost scenes that were filmed but never released," I'm thinking that this "filmed but not released" scene was from The Wrath of Khan, not from "Space Seed." I think someone simply misunderstood--either Mr. Ingram or T'Bonz. (Maybe the unused scene was unused in both productions--but I think it's probably referring to just TWOK.)
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