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The problem with calling a Holmes/Watson romance "inevitable" is that it's pretty clear by now that Watson isn't Holmes' "type." She doesn't strike me as someone who would be into the rough, kinky sex that Holmes enjoys, and he's direct with women he finds attractive. Judging by the evidence we've had thus far, Holmes wants nothing more than a professional relationship with Watson.
I can sense a hint of physical attraction between the two (with Lucy it would be hard not to), but I agree they don't seem like they'd be that great a couple, and I have no interest whatsoever in seeing them together.

And I have to say I'm kinda surprised at the recent change from Watson being Sherlock's sober companion to now being a "junior detective." Clearly it was in the plans all along, but it does seem like a pretty big shift in the show's concept.

Although I have to admit, it is nice seeing her take some actual joy and enthusiasm in the work now, instead of being so dour all the time like before.
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