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Re: What would a TOS spin off look like

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In fact, the series pitch document called it "Have Gun -- Will Travel 1968," a reference to the Western that Roddenberry had been story editor for years earlier
Roddenberry liked to claim that he had been the "head writer" of that Western series, but in actuality he was just a freelancer (albeit a prolific one, penning 24 episodes of the program).
Thanks for the correction. Still, he was tied with Shimon Wincelberg as the most prolific writer for the show, apparently, so while "head writer" is an exaggeration, there is some basis in truth for it. Anyway, it's the one series he worked on the most prior to creating his own, so it was influential on his later work, and evidently it inspired him in creating Gary Seven. (Or maybe he just thought it was a good idea to pitch the show to networks by reminding the executives of a successful show he'd been associated with.)

Indeed, talk about trivial details: HGWT is the one show that Roddenberry has the most actual writing credits for period, even more than Star Trek. Of course GR did uncredited rewrites on all the first- and second-season TOS scripts and at least the first-season TNG scripts, but he only has onscreen writing credit for 12 TOS and 3 TNG episodes. That's surprising.
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