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Re: Early version of An Unearthly Child scripts found + others

Yes, he's overstating the influences on later stuff a bit - any similarities are mostly down to other people coming up with similar ideas because they suited the series (and using the pentorch to open the TARDIS is there in the pilot version of the first epiosde). But that suggests Coburn had the right feel from day one.
Similarly, a lot of what's mentioned is already known from yes/no memoes (like Suzanne being a princess), but it'll be fascinating to see it in context, in a script.
And - an outside chance - is there a remote possibility that one of these scripts isn't by Coburn, but is the original 1st draft of An Unearthly Child by CE Webber, which was passed to Coburn as a starting point when Webber dropped out and Coburn took over as writer of the opening episode?
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