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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

Heh. I'm STILL playing SC4.

(For those getting it now, when you start the game and it starts the map-selection scene Alt-Tab to your desktop. Ctrl+Alt+Dlt and open Task Manager. Select Sim City 4, right click and select "Set Affinity" and de-select all of your computer's CPUs save for one (CPU 0.) Otherwise Sim City 4 runs pretty unstable as it was not meant to be run on computers with multiple cores. Along with SC4 I highly recommend NAM, a third-party software "upgrade" for SC4 that refines the traffic simulation, gives you a vast array of transportation puzzle pieces in the game (thought here can be some stability issues in placing these) and a tool to make other fine adjustments to the simulation, including the ability to place "toll roads" without having toll booths as well as many other features.
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