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Re: Spoilers: Is This [Spoiler]'s Original Enterprise?

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Lol do you even know what IGN is? It's about the biggest youth oriented genre site on the web. They were invited to view and participate in the super secret screening as well as an extended one with discussion. No Trek sites were invited, not even AInt it cool. But you right just two ordinary guys and their opinions lol
I don't have to know what IGN is. I watched the Youtube video that you quoted as your source. My conclusion? These were two guys giving their opinions about a trailer. They did not act as if they had seen the film in its entirety before any of us have, nor did they offer any spoilers other than their own opinions about what they saw in said trailer. You, however, are choosing to accept their opinions as gospel. Which is your choice, I suppose, but since the ship crashing into the bay in that trailer is not the Enterprise, I'd personally doubt the veracity of their opinions.
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