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Re: Spoilers: Is This [Spoiler]'s Original Enterprise?

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Eh? This is just two guys on the Internet reviewing a trailer. They don't have any inside information about the new movie. It's all just their opinions.
Lol do you even know what IGN is? It's about the biggest youth oriented genre site on the web. They were invited to view and participate in the super secret screening as well as an extended one with discussion. No Trek sites were invited, not even AInt it cool. But you right just two ordinary guys and their opinions lol
IGN is a former gaming news and review site now owned by News Corp., and the vid is really nothing more two guys speculating about what they see in a movie trailer.

While they may be drawing a paycheck from IGN for the having gone through the exercise, they're doing exactly the same thing everyone else is, and I've got my doubts concerning their call on the ship crashing into the Bay. Just because they "report" something on the internet doesn't make it true; IGN Chris and IGN Jim could be just as right or just as wrong on that detail as TrekBBS you or TrekBBS me.
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